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Dementia Friendly in Tweed!

Have you seen the new Dementia Friendly Community Supporter decals in Tweed?

Tweed municipal employees, including library staff and fire fighters, as well as Council members participated in the Alzheimer Society’s Dementia Awareness training. The decal is in recognition that over 75 % of employees were trained as part of the initiative. The Municipality (@TweedOntario) joins CIBC Tweed and The Tweed News in displaying the decals.

When you see the decal, let our community partners know that you appreciate all they do to make Tweed and Hastings County safe and welcoming for all residents and visitors.

Tweed Mayor Jo-Anne Albert and Rachelle Hardesty, Community Development Manager are joined by ASHPE Executive Director Maureen Corrigan (far right) and Deborah Hierlihy, Coordinator Dementia Friendly Communities (far left) for the presentation of the decal.

Shannon Ruttle, CAO displays the new decal at the Tweed Public Library.

Want to book FREE Dementia Awareness training for your staff or volunteers? Reach out to Deborah at 613 476 2085 or

We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for our Dementia Friendly Communities program.

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