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Thank you Quinte West!

Municipal employees in Quinte West (@quintewest), from customer service staff to roads crews to custodians, firefighters and park staff and everyone in between have shown their support for the Alzheimer Society's Dementia Friendly Communities initiative by participating in Dementia Awareness Training. Employees learned about the warning signs of dementia and challenges in communication that persons living with dementia can experience. Through case studies, employees identified strategies for connecting with care partners and persons living with dementia and how to lend a hand to ensure the community is safe, supportive and welcoming for all residents and visitors.

Photo: Quinte West Mayor Jim Harrison, joined by (L to R) Maureen Corrigan, Executive Director, ASHPE, Deborah Hierlihy, Coordinator Dementia Friendly Communities, and Lori Coxwell-Duncan, Manager of Human Resources

When you see the Dementia Friendly Communities Supporter decal at one of Quinte West's facilities, say thank you to the staff, from all of us.

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